Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Kindred Spirit


Remember I told you how behind I was? I wasn't lying.  After we got the Sweet Girl up and at 'em, we had guests visit and then a close friend of the family passed away after that, then back to school... what a whirlwind!

In all of the kerfuffle was a little message that I tucked away in a happy corner of my heart, to see to later:

... I also need to post pictures of our yard, M put in a sprinkler system himself, but we hired someone to lay sod, put up a fence and do some other maintenance work that we could have done but would have spent the entire summer doing. What a blessing to be able to hire someone. Best of all, M. GOT A NEW JOB!!!!! And it's with a large, very financially secure company. We feel BLESSED!!!! Now hoping the same for you!!!

This was from my friend, Heidi. She and I are kindred spirits. Have been for mumble, mumble years and follow a strange and wonderful life of parallels. We're way past the point of funny. It's scary. We have gone through "similar everythings" together in our adult lives and *have never met in person*.  Heidi, what's up with that? LOL

Proof -- look at that message up there. Mr. H and I are doing extensive yard work, too. Fence needed? Yep. New sprinkler system? Uh-huh. Sod? Oh yeah. I happen to know they are planning an arbor entry to their back yard....just like us. We never check our plans with each other. We just touch base here and there, and find out that we are still traveling parallel lives.

I am blessed to have a friend and kindred spirit like this out in the world.


Heidi, Mr H and I are so happy to hear of your good fortune! If the pattern holds true, our dreams and plans of a back yard haven are on their way. Better yet, Mr. H has steady, full time work in his future!

Time to celebrate! From our house to yours -- WOO-HOO!


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Mama Williams said...

Blessings!!! Congrats on the new job!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

things are always changing and I think that you need to finally meet your friend.

Heidi said...

Oh dear Wendy, how is it that I just saw this???? Things have been crazy here for the last two weeks as my in-laws were in town and we did a TON of sightseeing around Seattle and drove out to the Olympic Rain Forest (first time EVER for me too)! It's been fun, but I'm looking forward to maybe a day or two of downtime. Funny enough, the day before they left, we finally punched a hole in our wall between the kitchen and the family room. Hopefully we will now FINALLY be doing something on the inside of the house that I've been wanting to do for a while. Still, it will have to be slowly since we need to budget, as you well know yourselves. :)

So, has Mr. H found a full-time, secure, well-paying job??? Keeping our fingers crossed for you! Michael starts his new job on Monday, Aug. 31st. Not sure yet when school will start here (this is a contract year for the teachers, so they haven't finalized the contract yet), but Alyssa's 7th birthday is next week!!! Eeeek, where did time go?! My "baby" Tristtan is starting Kindergarten!

WE really must chat on the phone again sometime.

Thanks again for such a sweet, sweet post. You are such a dear Kindred Friend! Let's make it a goal to finally meet in person before the end of 2010!!!!