Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Autumn Apple Goodness


September Apples


Remember these?







They turned into this:

apple pie mixture hot and bubbly

-- all diced up in my skillet and bubbling in brown sugar, butter and apple pie spice. Wish that picture was scratch and sniff -- it smells like apple pie! {mmmmm} We're making my favorite autumn yummy -- apple pie mixture (that I don't use for pie)! LOL

Apple Pie Sundae

I used all those September apples and made an extra big batch of apple pie mixture and put several servings in the freezer. Mr. H pulled some out and had a scrumptious Apple Pie Sundae. (on Sunday, coincidentally.) ;-) Here's the recipe. (the apple pie mixture how-to is included there)

Having some extra servings ready to go in the freezer's not just good for Mr. H, it's  also perfect for company that pops in -- warmed up apple pie mixture + vanilla ice cream + caramel syrup + granola = instant fancy schmancy dessert -- you look like Martha for zero effort. Love that!

Apple Pie mixture for crepes!

Another way we use this is as a topping for breakfast. Waffles, pancakes, German Oven Pancakes,  or crepes -- like we had this morning. It's all good!

At this rate, I'll have to buy more apples and do this all over again.

{mmmm} Autumn apple-y goodness...


Elena said...

Oh man! I can smell the goodness!! Yummm...I think I might pop in and be guest. :)

Mama Williams said...

You're making me so hungry! Love the photos. Can I come to dinner? It's plausible.

Rebekah said...

Coincidentally, a neighbor just knocked on my door with a bag of apples in hand. Hallelujah! Just in time for this recipe!