Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Heart Silhouettes

Just a quick post; I'm off visiting and having fun with a couple of my sisters today.


Hey, is it too early to mention Valentine's Day? Well, I saw these wonderful Valentine silhouette garlands over at No Fuss Fabulous, and just had to share...




Love these! ♥ Pop on over there and get the easy-peasy instructions, and some cute ideas for displaying them. You can download the garland files here and here. Enjoy.

February and silhouettes just go together! I think it was all the Lincoln and Washington  silhouettes I did in February, back in elementary school. Do you remember doing that?

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Elena said...

I totally did those presidential sillouettes. And then I think we all got our own sillouettes drawn. So fun. I wonder if my kids will get to do them? Have you noticed that all the cool stuff we did as kids doesn't get done anymore? Really so sad. I keep reminding myself that I should be providing those things for my kids since the schools don't anymore. I've got to better about that.