Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools

So, did you survive the day? Is your family more about the fun or the pranks? We had a little of both yesterday -- here's how it all turned out.

The day started off a little bumpy -- nobody played pranks, but the morning didn't go well at all. Everything went wrong. The Sweet Girl got up late and was grumpy, and Mr. H got caught in a snowstorm and a massive traffic snarl on the freeway on the way to his contract job. All that snow in the morning wasn't very amusing.  At all. You know, we felt a little "punked" -- and nobody was doing anything to us! Oh well.

The rest of the day went pretty smoothly, once the snow stopped. I gathered a few things for dinner -- our Groucho Marx glasses and some whoopie cushions, namely.

I know. SO Martha. :-)

Getting ready for an April Fool's dinner

Dinner was nothin' but cupcakes. We made the meatloaf cupcakes I told you about yesterday, and some real cupcakes to reward  those brave enough to try the April Fool ones.

Cupcakes for Dinner

  April Fool's Cupcakes

I think the April Fool's cupcakes turned out pretty cute! They were tasty, too! My Sweet Girl gave me a few eye rolls about dinner. (Okay, so maybe the whoopie cushions on the chairs was going too far. Heh heh. Teenagers. What are ya gonna do? :-) You know, next year, she'll be talking about how fun this was! Love her to pieces!)  ♥♥♥♥  I sweetened her up with the real cupcakes.

She smiled even more when she got "egged" later that night. We heard a doorbell ring, and opened the door to our front yard *covered* in plastic Easter eggs. She had to go out into the cold, dark night and get all the eggs from the yard. (Most of them had candy inside.) She had to open the eggs one by one to find the one egg with the note inside that told her who did it! So fun.

We got egged

Yep, we had a fun day. Hope you did too!


Mama Williams said...

O Wendy! I love it! All of it! You are so creative and fun and we LOVE Groucho Marx. My kids enjoy watching those black and white movies with us. LOL! No foolin'.

Deanna said...

What a wonderful day it turned out to be!!! When you said, "egged", I almost started to cry thinking of some aweful gooey mess, but I think that 'egging' was really cute!!! What good friends! :) I really am going to try that cupcake dinner. I TOTALLY think my little guys would LOVE it!!! Thanks for the ideas!

Vincent Lee said...

Haha, I got my friends good on April Fool's. I just transferred into a new school recently, and I told them I was gonna transfer back to my old one cause I missed my old friends. They all believed me.

Your April Fool's sounds awesome too. But meatloaf cupcakes...? Sounds... uhh... interesting. The "egging" sounds fun but wasn't it cold for your sweet girl?

Elena said...

WAYYYYY CUTE!!!!! I LOVE it and am doing it next year. (Remind me will ya!? LOL!) Those cupcakes are hilarious. Much better than my bed being short sheeted, my sprayer stuck on with a rubber band, and all my cereal switched to wrong boxes. ARgghhhh....Thank you Disney Channel. :)

Rebekah said...

My little guy went NUTS when he saw the "cupcake" pictures. He doesn't like mashed potatoes (gasp), but I'd bet he'd gobble these down!