Sunday, April 5, 2009

Words to Live By

My Sweet Girl's Daffies 2

Happy Daffodil Sunday!


I love daffodils.  Their burst of bright color is medicine to my soul after a long, cold, grey winter. Here's another reason I love 'em:


In December 2006, our Sweet Girl was involved in a serious sledding accident. Many friends, family members and neighbors shared their loved and concern for her at the time of the accident. There were some long days ahead for her; days of pain, wheelchairs, x-rays and lots of physical therapy. It was a long road to recovery.

One day, well into the journey to get better and stronger, and after the get-well cards and notes had dwindled, my sweet next door neighbor brought over a bouquet of daffodils for my daughter to cheer her up. (those pictured) Just 'cause she was thinking of her. The Sweet Girl's eyes just lit up and I took note of how much this little gesture meant to her. My neighbor was an angel that day.

I'm happy to report that our Sweet Girl is now healthy and happy. She recovered and we know that miracles happen in our lives. We are blessed.  ♥

I don't think my Sweet Girl and I have ever really forgotten that daffodil day. Ever since, we've tried to notice when someone needs a little TLC and we've brought them daffodils. If daffies are out of season, then another yellow flower -- roses, usually. (We're from Texas, so it's all good, y'all!) But, they've got to be yellow. That's the tradition. It's been a fun pay-it-forward thing we do.


I came across this sweet old daffodil poem not too long ago that encourages me. It hits a little too close to home this year, because we have had a cold and snowy spring here! (ack! so ready for warm days!) I can relate personally to its message -- but, we all have adversity in our lives, don't we? Well, I hope you like it, too.  This poem offers "words to live by".  Enjoy.




by Anna Warner


Daffy-down-dilly came up in the cold,

   Through the brown mould,

Although the March breezes blew keen on her face

Although the white snow lay in many a place.


Daffy-down-dilly had heard under ground

    The sweet rushing sound

Of the streams, as they burst off their white winter chains, –

Of the whistling Spring winds and the pattering rains.

"Now then," thought Daffy, deep down in her heart, –

    "It's time I should start!"


So she pushed her soft leaves through the hard frozen ground,

Quite up to the surface, and there she looked round.

There was snow all about her, – grey clouds overhead, –

    The trees all looked dead.


Then how do you think Daffy-down-dilly felt,

When the sun would not shine and the ice would not melt?

"Cold weather!" thought Daffy, still working away:

    "The earth's hard to-day!


There's but a half inch of my leaves to be seen,

And two-thirds of that is more yellow than green!"

"I can't do much yet – but I'll do what I can.

    It's well I began!


For unless I can manage to lift up my head,

The people will think that the Spring herself's dead."

So, little by little, she brought her leaves out,

    All clustered about;


And then her bright flowers began to unfold,

Till Daffy stood robed in her Spring green and gold.

O Daffy-down-dilly! so brave and so true!

    I wish all were like you! .

So ready for duty in all sorts of weather,

And holding forth courage and beauty together.


Christine said...

So simple, a bouquet of daffodils, yet so rewarding. We are all called to serve one another. Thanks for reminding us.
Glad to know that your Sweet Girl is doing well.

Linda said...

What a beautiful post and a beautiful reminder of what God calls us to serve others. Your neighbor was an angel and how wonderful of you to pay-it forward so generously too.

Let me think, I wonder if I know anyone who needs a lift with beautiful daffodils...

Elena said...

Oh goodness...That must have been some sledding accident. Yikes. SO glad she (and you) got a little cheer from a pretty little flower. Now, I'm ready to see some of that lovely yellow popping up on my own neighborhood!