Friday, August 15, 2008

Favorite Things Friday: Summer Flowers

Summer is drawing to a close here at our house. School starts on Monday! Before we say goodbye to summer, I wanted to share my favorite summer flowers with you.

Nothing says summer to me like red geraniums. I love them! My porch is full of them this year; hanging baskets, pots by doors and pots on tables. I see geraniums and I think America, BBQ's, front porches and neighbors. They are *the* summer flower for me.

I always look for two flowers at the end of summer. One is wild sunflowers. By this time of year, I'm ready for fall to get here and these flowers pop up along highways and in fields as if to say, 'okay, Wendy -- it's time!' I love to see them.

The other flower I look for is the aster -- but we don't call them that. Any self-respecting Lucy Maud Montgomery fan would know that they are called Farewell Summers. I like that name so much better, don't you? That name is very appropriate, too, for I have only ever seen them growing wild around here, at the end of summer. Like the wild sunflowers, they add to my anticipation of autumn.

I feel like my summers here always end with a bit of romance --
flowers to say "Farewell Summer."

Wild sunflower, Antelope Island, Utah.
Aster painting
Geraniums: from my front porch :-)

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