Thursday, August 14, 2008

Resurrecting Romance: Little Things Mean A Lot

You know what they say: it's the little things that matter most. When you're talking romance, this goes from pretty little saying to Rule Numero Uno! I think a true romantic is one that doesn't wait for Valentine's Day to roll around every year and go whole-hog; they demonstrate the sweet little somethings on a more everyday basis. My hubby has got this down pat, and I'm one lucky girl! (behold me looking over and batting eyes flirtatiously at said husband)

Here's a small list of little somethings to make your sweetie's day, and earn some serious brownie points:

The Gift of You: taking time to pay attention and listen -- especially if it's just how their day has gone; reaching behind you for your sweetie's hand in a crowded place; filling up the car with gas for your honey-bunch, so they don't have to; compliments out of the blue; cook, clean or work outside together -- the best talks happen when we're together and our hands are busy.

Get Out Your Calendar
: as Michael Webb says (by the way, he's the founder of Ressurect Romance Week), come up with some non-Hallmark holidays of your own and mark the occasions! Some ideas: month or year anniversary of your first date, or the day you got engaged; one month anniversary of his/her new job; six months after her birthday (six months until her next); first day of Spring; after passing that big test; on the birthday of one of your children (she went through a lot to bring that baby into the world); the longest day of the year (June 20); ETC! You could come up with many days that only you and your family celebrate.

While you've got that calendar out, schedule a regular date night with your sweetie. This is something you'll both look forward to. A lot of times, if it's not on the calendar, it doesn't happen ... so schedule it!

Now Get Out Paper and Pen: nothing melts the heart like cards (homemade or not) or coupons, or even better -- a letter from the heart. I wonder if DH knows I've saved every letter and card I've gotten from him, since we've known each other....

Surprises: tuck in a little love note in your sweetie's lunch; or how about slipping in bunch of Hershey Kisses in their lunch with a lovey-dovey note attached; a chalk message in the driveway for coming home to (they make glow-in-the-dark chalk, too, ya know!); breakfast in bed and it's not even Mother's or Father's Day; etc., etc.....

Messages: so many people struggle with time to read and have turned to books on tape -- a sweet suggestion I saw was to record your own voice reading a book -- although, I think this one is especially sweet for your children; learn to text message on your cell phone and then send your honey sweet nothings during the day...just because...; send a card or letter through snail mail...

If these ideas aren't enough to spark some everyday romance in your soul, then Google 'resurrect romance' or 'frugal romantic ideas', and you will be swimming in ideas. Have fun.

In the meantime, here's a little something to get you in the mood. Enjoy.

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