Monday, August 11, 2008

Resurrecting Romance

a Valentine rose from my hubby

I know a few people who get pretty grumpy around Valentine's Day. I bet you do too. They resent the whole commercial side of that holiday; roses/bouquets become super-expensive, everybody's scrambling for cards, candy...whatever... expectations are high. But, can they rebel and not do anything? Uh, not a good idea. That means your sweetheart is staring all day at everybody else's declarations of love from their sweet and thoughtful honeys -- yeah, you're in the doghouse, buddy.

Chances are they don't know about National Ressurect Romance Week -- it's this week. Exactly 6 months away from Valentine's Day, and created to make the focus of romance "people, time and attention -- not money and things". Sounds pretty good to me! This week I'll be sharing some simple and fun ideas for resurrecting a little romance in your life. Everybody needs a little sweetness.

Stop that smirking -- we're keeping it clean here, people!

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Rebekah said...

Awesome! I'll be SURE to let hubby know about this...on the way to the allergist. (: