Friday, October 10, 2008

Enjoying the Artist

Nature is the art of God. ~ Thomas Browne, Religio Medici, 1635


our Alpine Loop dateThis week, DH and I scurried off to the mountains for a quick date to take another look at the Alpine Loop.

We were not disappointed! The colors were amazing, the vistas breathtaking, and some aspen groves we came upon were so beautiful, my mind almost refused to accept them as real.

We brought down a few leaves to decorate the house. See them here. We forgot the tripod at home, and missed a great opportunity for a picture of the two of us up there. Ah well. Just another excuse to go again! :-)


 DH hiking the trail Mutual Dell

Climbing the Mountain[2] 

God's Paintbrush

God's Paintbrush closeup

the tall Aspens here remind me of the art of Disney's Sleeping Beauty

fiery Aspen grove

fiery red Aspen

Alpine Loop October 2008

glowing Aspen trees 

 I apologize that this last picture is blurry. It was dusk as we made our way down the mountain, and the yellow Aspens began to glow in the evening light. This is the only picture that captured that!

I live 10 minutes away from this. I am so blessed to live in this beautiful place -- it feeds my soul!  I just need to remember -- in the midst of my busy to-do's -- to lift my eyes, count my blessings and thank the Artist again. :-) 

I hope you are enjoying your October where you are.


Pattie said...

Oh, my soul feels fed just looking at your photos! Thank you for sharing them, Wendy - they're so beautiful!

John Heeder said...

Those photographs are awesome. Heck, I was there, and I still find it breathtaking. All this makes me look forward to repeating the trip in spring (with the tripod this time).

Mrs. B said...

Gorgeous pictures! I just love the golden leaves! The fall color hasn't fully arrived here yet, but I'm really looking forward to it!