Monday, October 13, 2008

White is Not a Fall Color...

Early snow at Nob Hill

This weekend we had our first snowfall of the season. My first thought was  "ooh, pretty!" (it's the Texas girl in me) But my very next thought was... "No. White is not a Fall color!" I am not ready for snow yet.

We usually get our first snowstorm around Halloween, which is perfect timing, in my book. I've enjoyed my autumn and I'm looking forward to wintry weather and the holidays at that point. Bring on the white stuff then.

Green summer leaves and snow don't look good together!

What's wrong with this picture?

 Snowy shrubbery

I reluctantly admit that's kinda pretty. Hmph.

Boots in the snow

Well, at least someone was enjoying it!


Pattie said...

Morning, Wendy -

I have to admit, along with you, that it is pretty. But gosh, it's just too early!

Well, maybe the snow will melt, the temperatures will rise, and you’ll have a lovely Indian summer - filled with more autumn color than your eyes can hold!

Stay warm, until then!

Elena said...

NO, NOT a fall color! I was so sad to see all the snow here yesterday. But as I drove to church and saw the pretty colored trees with the white background I had to admit it was beautiful.

Mrs. B said...

Wow! It's not a fall color, but it sure is pretty! It seems a little funny to see the snow piled up on green leaves. We got our first heavy frost this weekend, so it must have been cold everywhere.

Heather said...

hey. Found you on BATW. I too live in UT and was completely shocked by the Snow. Like you while I am excited for snow, I'm not THAT excited. I'm glad it didn't stick long. I woke up early at around 6 and saw all of the snow outside, I couldn't help but walk onto my poarch and just look at it, beuatiful and untouched though.

Rebekah said...

Despite my initial reaction of, "Oh no!" I got into it. The little guys were ecstatic to be out and about in the snow. And Matthew couldn't wait to build a big "Crosty" (Frosty).

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Oh I love the snow but like you do not think it a fall color. Love your blog..m..