Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Seasonal Ideas from Blogland

I was poking around different blogs the other day, and was just amazed at all the wonderful ideas and helps out there. You people just blow me away with your creativity and talent...and your generosity.... after all, you're sharing your ideas with everyone.  I've gathered a few I just have to share with you. Trust me -- there are so many more out there, I could do a week long series on everything I looked at! LOL

All these pictures are stolen from the blogs they came from. I figure it's a fair trade; once you see their blogs, you probably will forget all about me and my poor little blog. (sniff, sniff)  ;-)




The Crafty Crow  is one of *those* blogs -- once you find it, it immediately goes on your blogroll. This blog gathers craft ideas from the web for you. (gotta love that!) Right now, they are spotlighting costume helps. Crowns made from lace, how to's on capes, swords, shields, monster hands, tutus, headpieces... why are you still here reading? Go check it out! Costume helps? Woo-Hoo!!!!!

Elena, over at Manwaring Moments, recently shared a cute idea with wood blocks, letters and scrapbook paper that work for autumn *and* winter. Score! Learn how to make the Autumn Wood Blocks here. So cute! Her blog is a great read. I check it every day.

I know you know about A Soft Place to Land.  Kimba is incredible, isn't she? She shared a great tip on how to score some great looking botanical prints on the cheap by making them yourself. She chose leaves to fit in with an autumn theme.  They look amazing -- just like the stuff that costs upward of 500 bucks! Go check out her display.


Angela is going crazy with her Halloween ideas at her blog, the Cottage Magpie. She's showcasing several projects, and everyone you see, you say...  I *LOVE* that!

Halloween Decorating Ideas

Look at these sweet Book and Button flower bouquets over at Just Something I MadeCathe gives you the how to. How cute are these? I love them....


What else have you seen out there in the blogosphere? Do tell! I love ideas!


Robyn said...

I can't wait till I have the time and ability to decorate my house!

Rebekah said...

Wow. These are really neat! I had to share them with some of my friends and they were equally impressed and excited!

Elena said...

For me to even be mentioned with those other ladies and blogs is hysterical! But thanks for the shout out. I so wish I had some more creativity in me. Thank heavens for blogs and sharing ideas!

Cathe Holden said...

Wow! Thanks for featuring my book & button flowers! You can steal from me anytime.

You have a great blog!!