Monday, October 27, 2008

Just a Few Halloween Decorations...

Just a few more days until Halloween! We sure have had a lot of fun with the holiday this year. Most of our attention went to decorating the outside for Halloween; I really don't have that much going on inside this year. Here are a couple of things I *did* do this time 'round.

Halloween tablecloth

I found this Halloween tablecloth at a grocery store (of all places!) -- Macey's for you local folks) and it's my favorite tablecloth for Halloween now. Click for more details. Spiderwebs, jack o'lanterns, tombstones -- what else could you want? Love it!

Halloween tablecloth details

Spooky display

On the small buffet table in the kitchen I put this up. That's a lantern from Target, filled with small and medium pumpkins from a craft store. A small raven (or is it a crow?), my spooky sign, a waterglobe skull (when you shake it, bats fly around his head), and a couple of books covered in Halloween scrapbook paper round out the display. Mrs. B did a much better job of displaying some regular, everyday books she transformed into spell and potion books. Go check it out and then come back and shake your head sadly at my attempt.  After you see her talent, you may not come back here at all! ;-)


gauze table runner

One thing I do love about that display is the gauze table runner. I think it's delicious. I found it pretty early on in the season at Target for about 5 bucks. The only thing I regret is not grabbing 4 or 5 of these babies! They are gone now! (Rats.)

Bath and Body Works LEAVES










I have my favorite Bath and Body Works wallflower scenty-thingie plugged in, too -- have you smelled this one?  It's called "Leaves". It's autumn in a box, people. It smells divine!  I also like Spiced Cider, but this one's my #1 now.

I've got a pumpkin craft on my to-do list today; hopefully I can show it to you tomorrow. Tonight we are carving pumpkins for Family Night. The only thing that is not getting into the spirit of the holiday this week is the weather! We will enjoy Indian Summer days, in the 60's and 70's (F)  clear through Halloween night.

Oh, I'm not complaining! All too soon, I'll be shivering in my boots, wishing for these days back again!

Hope you are enjoying a boo-tiful autumn where you are...


Elena said...

Very cute stuff. Especially love the lantern with pumpkins. I also love that leaves scent. I sent that to my swap partner when I did the favorite things blog swap. What a great fall scent!

Katie said...

Cute stuff mom! I love the pumpikin (purposely misspelled lol) lantern. <3

John Heeder said...

I gotta admit I like the crow and the skull thing.

Mrs. B said...

Very cute! I love that Halloween lace tablecloth!