Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Gracie-Monster and the Midnight Cupcakes

Recently, I made some Halloween cupcakes for a friend who's feeling under the weather. Of course, it was pretty late when I did this. It was midnight, in fact; which automatically turns it into a Halloween story!

This is the story of ...


  The Gracie-Monster and the Midnight Cupcakes


Once upon a time, there was a well-behaved, timid and shy, sweet kitty. Her name was Gracie. She was always a good girl. One night, she walked into the kitchen, just as the clock struck midnight.

"People still awake and up." said Gracie. "How annoying. They need to go to sleep so me can prowl."

" Hmmm, no people around in the kitchen, though."

Gracie smelled something delicious.

" Hey...what's this?"


Mom made cupcakes 

"Oooh! Mommy made cupcakes!"


mmmmm me want cupcakes

"Oh cupcakes! I love you! Mmmmmmm!"


Licking her chops

"Mmmmm! Me want cupcakes!"

"EEK!" said the cupcakes. "What is that?!  A big furry monster!"


Look at that evil face on my sweet kitty!

"Heh, heh! Me gonna GET those cupcakes!"



"Oh, hello, Mommy! Me not see you there!
I a good girl. Good job on the cupcakes!"

The cupcakes survived.


Good Night Sweet Cupcake

But not for long.



(excuse me)


Rebekah said...

Soooooooo...funny! I can't wait to show my little guys this story!

Katie said...

Lol eeek Gracie-monster!! Those cupcakes were way yummy though, I can't blame the Gracie for wanting them!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I loved the story. I too made cupcakes. I made them for a dinner we had at church Sunday...m.

MsTypo said...

Those look soooooooo yummy!!

Thanks for visiting on my BAtW day! ;)

Elena said...

HA! I love the look on her face as soon as she saw you were still there. I miss having kitties.

Mrs. B said...

LOL! Good girl Gracie! I've got to do some cupcakes for school on Friday. Yours are so cute.

And... You've been "Boo-ed"!