Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween House Numbers

  Halloween House Numbers

Over the weekend, I changed out our oh-so-respectable house number plaque for one more befitting Halloween. This spooky outdoor idea is so easy. First, go to your Home Depot or hardware store. Instead of searching for the perfectly sized piece of wood, do what the DH did: head over the house number section and buy a house number plaque. They're already the right size, cut and sanded and ready to go. (Mine is 6" x17")  (FYI: some of the numbers have been removed from this photo to comply with our family's internet safety rules...)
Painting the SignDecide what ghoulish color you'd like and paint away. (My plaque was unfinished pine, so it took 3 generous coats of acrylic paint to cover it. Find a spooky font you like from your computer (or download a free one at DaFont.com) enlarge it to 500 and print. My font here is called Nemo. After your paint has dried on the plaque, cut them out and place your numbers where you want them, and then mod-podge them to the plaque.  Let everything dry and finish it off with a clear matte spray.


Spooky House Numbers

Oh yeah, much better for Halloween!



Elena said...

I Love it! Might have to do that myself. I need to do it permanently because my real numbers are so hard to see.

~Trish~ said...

What a great idea!! Also love the rest of your decorations! Thanks for stopping by my Kansas blog today!

John Heeder said...

Someone amongst us has a birthday today! Yes, this someone is mumble-mumble years old! This remarkable event should not pass without some cheery good wishes!
That someone is Wendy! Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

A birthday?! Wendy, if you're inclined to feel down about having another birthday, just remember this one thing: You will always be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay younger than DH. ;)

Have a great one. You deseerve it.

Anonymous said...

You've gone from big sis to the Queen of Spooksville! Y'all sure went all out this year. I can't wait to see it in person!
Thinking of you today...happy birthday, Sis! You're awesome and you're the perfect example for me. I love and appreciate you. Hope not only that today is wonderful but that this may be your very best year!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy,

Hope you have a Happy Birthday. Nice Blog :)


Nathan England

Anonymous said...

A Halloween house number - what a great idea!! You could also carve your house number into a pumpkin and then use outdoor lights (low voltage type, for safety) and you've got a spooky illuminated number for use at night.

Rebekah said...

Happy Birthday,Wendy! Thank you for being such a wonderful sister--and Auntie to my kids!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Wendy! I love your Blog, I so need to get started on one! Have a great day!

Ang said...

Happy Birthday Wendy Lady! Great Blog! Looks like you have lots of fun things going on. Hope its a great day for you!
Love you,

typomalady said...

What a great site, Wendy!

Oh, and Happy Birthday, too.

- Cheri & Boyce

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Wendy!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Wendy.

Your blog looks great!! We are always looking for cool ideas on how to stay in touch with family and friends, and your well put together blog offers some great inspiration.