Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's the Little Things...

This isn't the post that was supposed to go up today.

DH and I were carefully driving our Tahoe all over the backyard last night (yes, you read that right), attaching a chain and popping large shrubs and small trees out of the ground to prepare for the next phase in the back yard. Did I take ANY pictures? No. At least one picture of the DH giggling like a girl (just kidding, hon -- it was more like an evil villian's chuckle) every time he revved the engine and popped out another large, stubborn plant would've been good. What kind of blogger am I? Sheesh.

Well, in my defense, we were losing daylight fast and we had to get that job done as quickly as we could. (It was cool, and I have to admit I giggled a little too, watching those small trees and shrubs come out, knowing that we didn't have to hack away at them for an hour...each!) I will just have to let your imagination paint the picture.

Instead, I'll share a little bit of fun from our life here. This is our cat, Bijou. He is quite a character, and can be an affectionate little fellow. He follows me around during the day and settles in wherever I am. Bij dearly loves to be involved in a project. The pictures of that topic alone could be a whole 'nother blog post. LOL

This is usually where you'll find him when I'm sitting at the computer, typing up a blog post:

My buddy

...perched above me, on top of the headrest pillow of the chair I'm sitting in.



Here he is, all snuggled up with the Sweet Girl, both of them fast asleep.


Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet. 

                                                 ~  Colette


That little guy is one of the things that makes my house a home.  Ya know, it's the little things that make life sweet. ( ...that... and doing heavy landscaping work with your sweetie.)



This Mom said...

So I am glad to know that I am not the only one who forgets to get to camera out.

thanks for coming by on yesterdays layover.

Elena said...

Imagining your hubbys laughter cracked me up. And I LOVE your kitty. I wish we could have one, but my husband is allergic. So sad.

Mrs. B said...

Bijou is a beautiful cat! I always forget to take pictures too. I always think about it when something's all done. Sounds like fun though!

John Heeder said...

It felt very manly to use my truck and clear up the backyard. It was almost like being a pioneer (which I am very grateful to NOT be!).

I just wish I could use the truck to do the dishes and sweep the floor.

Hmm, I'll put some thought into that...

Wendy said...

LOL! :-) OK, but I get to drive...